SEM, just have a try!

In the past few years, most of the companies in China did business only by local market, trade fairs. Later, the B2B market come in our life, some of companies began to try to sale on this B2B website, they had a great harvest, then more people believe this is a good way to explore business, so more and more people invest on B2B platform, things become good is that all the companies can do international business and enter in world market easily, bad thing is that the competition is much fierce. The profit is less and less in order to make deal on this way. Even some companes become loss on this , they get less and less orders now. So how can we change this situation? SEM is good way to develop business. In USA, and some european countries, nearly all the companies know what is SEO and SEM, and they are doing this very well. But here, few people know this , even don’t believe this. What shall we do? Just have a try!

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The current situation for mannequins market in Cina

Mannequins have become more and more popular in modern siciety, you will find  many different mannequin poses even in a small clothes shop. Different people like the different range of mannequins, from realistc mannequins with make up, in skin color to white/white glossy color, from cheap price to expensive. This is good thing. But problems happened, customers from different countries like the same shape poses of mannequins but lower prices, even brand mannequins, so the copies mannequins is coming. Some factories want to obtain more profit, in the meanwhile, have no develop design team, so start coping brand mannequins poses and start selling. So that the more and more similar poses causes, more and more copied mannequins are coming, then problem is caused, the price for this kind of mannequins is not competitive. This kind of current situation is impossible to avoid, as this is huge and potentional market in the world. For example, in Arab, Africa, most of people only need low price mannequins but large quantity, so factory will do. Somewhere this is market, somewhere there is copied mannequins. Why things like this, the most of money is owned by few people, if we want to avoid this. Should most of people become rich, and seek for high level life, then we all will be happy.

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Hello world!

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